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December Newsletter

Ecole Okotoks Junior High School

Ecole Okotoks Junior High School

The Okotoks Junior High had a very successful month. Adversity cup proved to be a challenge that all players accepted, welcomed, and recognized the value in practicing. Being in uncomfortable situations and situations that are beyond our control is a regular occurrence in life and having the flexibility and composure to be successful in such situations is valuable. All our Global Scoreboards came down to the last day of the month, with our final game deciding the champions of all groups. Grade 7 Vegas Bandwagons, 7/8/9 Female Burnt Blueberries and the grade 8/9 All-stars were all victorious in the end. Huge congratulations are for some personal achievements: Ivan Kedrov, Ty Matonovich, Carter Anderson and Jaylen Forsyth were all successful in being named to the Alberta Winter Games teams that will represent Calgary and Parkland. Our Grade 7 girls played a hard-fought game against a team from Harbin, China. Several of our Global athletes are gearing up for a season of Basketball on top of their hockey schedules. We wish them the best of luck in the upcoming season as we continue to support our Athletes in identifying themselves as good students, people, athletes and, hockey players. We had a fantastic month off the ice as well; we were provided a taste of bowling, curling and wrestling. Students were very successful in many of their first attempts to curl. Great work everyone!!

As we head into December we look forward to putting our skills to work with our World Junior theme week, as well as, "Sport Mania". "Sport Mania" will take place at Flames Community arena on December 21st. It will see players from Springbank, Airdrie, and Okotoks collaborate in a three on three tournament. This is always a highlight for our Global Athletes and is a positive way to ensure we get back to just having fun, as we all enter the heart of our hockey seasons. We in Okotoks hope that all our families take advantage of a much-deserved rest and are surrounded by friends and families this holiday season.

Important Dates:

  • Dec 8- PD Day
  • Dec 21- Ice Mania
  • Dec 22- Early dismissal
  • Jan 8- back to school
  • March 23-25- Alberta Cup zone try outs (various locations)

Okotoks Composite High School

Okotoks Composite High School

Our grade 10's have wrapped up section A consisting of Personal Choices in their 3 credit CALM course. They have moved onto financial choices and will soon move onto career choices. They have also had a variety of guest speakers (JA jobs and Finance, Sexual Health 1, Sexual Health 2, Forestry)

The grade 11's have finished up their coaching module by building a practice plan that looked at not only designing a practice with drills, but also all the little details that a coach needs to be thinking of when creating a practice plan, they then had to present a drill on ice. Currently this group is working in their Leadership 1 module.

Lastly our grade 12's have finished up their coach certificate online and have wrapped up their Coach 2 module. They have moved onto their Leadership module. They are currently working on their final project. This project involves the students to plan, design, execute and deliver a Street Hockey event for our FCHS Global Holiday showdown.

Additionally, we have worked on a variety of skills this month. Our big focus has been on skating, using edges, individual skills, position specific skills.

Springbank November Update

Springbank November Update

Global was excited to have Scott Ismond from Iowa State University of the ACHA to talk with our grade 11/12 males about opportunities in the United States beyond just the NCAA. We look forward to continuing the relationship with Scott and his staff to give our players the chance to play collegiate hockey.


Grade 10’s:
Our grade 10s have been working through the first section of CALM which is required to graduate high school. CALM is very comprehensive dealing with real life situations like relationships, personal finance/budgeting, and employment. Students just finished up the Personal Choices module and are moving on to the Investment section.

Grade 11’s:
Having started the month creating athletic resumes, our grade 11’s are currently working through the nutrition unit that has students understand macronutrients and their importance in athletic performance. Understanding how to cook and properly fuel your body to maximize athletic performance is an important skill. The students were advised to go home and work with their parents to plan meals that provide adequate macronutrients to enhance their athletic performance.

Grade 12’s:
For the past 5 weeks, they have learned about and applied self-talk strategies, managed their preparation, and investigated what it means to be a disciplined athlete; all through the lens and scope of self-reflection.


At the beginning of the month we had our kids come off the ice to give them a break from their daily routine to reduce the effects of burn-out and ensure the athletes are eager and excited to be on the ice. We then followed that rest week with one of our most important game weeks called Adversity Cup. This has teams “Canada” and “USA” play full ice, but teams randomly selected scenarios that they must deal with for that shift. These could include 4v2 power plays, having to play without sticks, defensemen not allowed inside of certain zones and goalies not being allowed to go force them to battle through as often these things occur in games. It also teaches defensemen great gap and forcing them to attack pucks in the neutral zone, having forwards single out players without the puck and goalies having to work on athleticism and scrambling out of the crease.

Our multi-sport groups are extremely excited to get their sport specific fitness testing started with Peak Power and will then be settling in to the training and sport specialist lead multi-sport sessions beginning with Boxing and then TRX specific training.

We had a great crew of golfer’s head down to Scottsdale for our annual Phoenix Trip where our athletes and parents played four great golf courses: Dove Valley, Greyhawk, Kierland Resort and Rancho Monana. In addition to the golf, players and parents enjoyed an NFL game, NHL and other great experiences over the 4 days. They are now transitioning to their off-season training with Peak Power, and working on technical development indoors at the Riverside Club.

Airdrie Newsletter November

Airdrie Newsletter November

Throughout the past month we have had the pleasure of several guest appearances from coaches in the AJHL and at the University level. Adam Redmond of the Olds Grizzlies provided us with a coaching session and a seminar on the in’s and outs of the AJHL. Also, Mark Bomersback, the General manager of the Grand Prairie Storm joined us for a practice and information session on the Grand Prairie Storm and the direction they are heading. Lastly Scott Ismond from Iowa State University visited and presented on college hockey options and the variety of routes athletes can take.

The Airdrie Academy has had several volunteering sessions with the RJ Hawkey Elementary School. This includes activities where our athletes act as mentors to the kids.

Featured Athlete:
Our featured Athlete is Luke Ferber who was crowned the Jr. Steer Riding Champion. Luke is known for his outgoing and humorous personality, but is very serious and dedicated toward his athletics. Luke is also a member of the AC Avalanche where he plays defense. Luke embodies multi-sport mentality and is excelling greatly within both sports.

CFR Chemical Bison’s:
Our CFR Chemical Bisons had the opportunity to play the Canadian Women’s National Team in a packed Ron Ebessen Arena. This was a standing room only affair, where the game was back and forth.

Additionally, we had the opportunity to complete 1-on-1 meetings with the coaching staff and all families. This was very productive and we are looking forward to the direction of each individual athlete is headed.