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Global partners with the Calgary Royals, Calgary Catholic School District, Calgary Board of Education and their partner schools

For Immediate Release:
April 23, 2018

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The Calgary Royals Hockey Association and Global Sport Academy Group are proud to announce a strategic partnership which is re-defining the elite hockey model.

The partnership vision with the Calgary Board of Education and the Calgary Catholic School District and their designate schools - Central Memorial High School and St. Mary’s High School, will allow talented young student athletes to pursue their passion in academics, hockey and most importantly life.

The Calgary Royals Academy occurs primarily during the school day and integrates hockey, academics. leadership training, off-ice training, mental health, mental performance and multi-sport disciplines into player’s daily timetable. The model does not detract from core educational competencies but rather enhances them. Additionally, the players earn credits in multitude of different areas. This September the Royals Midget AAA, Royals Midget AA Gold and Midget AA Blue will skate within the team program. Additionally, the Royals are offering an individual player academy for the Royals players at Central Memorial whom are not on the aforementioned teams.

Another key aspect of the partnership involves the coach development and mentorship platforms. Global is the undeniable leader in this area according to Royals Past President Dave Freeborn. “We have experienced the visionary and innovative approach of Global leader Mark Maloney for over a decade and the results have spoken for themselves at every single level. Our goal as an association was to take the next step and enhance our offering to our amazing hockey families. We believe this certainly achieves that”.

VP Wilf Richard whom was key driver in building this vision is a strong believer in setting the curve and not following it. “We have thoroughly researched and targeted our priorities and moved in a direction to achieve them. Our players will have evenings off, academic success and a life balance which is so critical in society today for our young people”.

VP Dave Tuck believes this bold step will enhance both player and coach development and create a model of excellence. The program incorporates thought leadership teams that will work hand in hand with Royals Midget Teams. A few of these leaders are: Peak Power Development, Mindful Athletics, Inner Mind Sports, World Pro Goaltending, G23 Medical Group.

When Global CEO Mark Maloney undertook the task of building the program from top to bottom he engaged the school leadership factions in both the CBE and CCSD. Mr. Gord Baldwin principal of Central Memorial, Mr. Luigi Fortini principal of St. Mary’s High School and Ms. Ronda Knowles the learning leader at Central Memorial shared the passion and enthusiasm to make this a reality. The result is an academic design allowing student athletes to access the necessary academic pathways while jointly pursuing their hockey aspirations.

For More Information please contact:

  • Jill Cameron - Calgary Royals Hockey Association - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Christine Stockton - Global Sport Academy Group - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Gord Baldwin - Principal - Central Memorial High School
  • Luigi Fortini - Principal - St.Mary’s High School