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Leading the Global Shift of High Performance Youth Development

Mindful Athletics Announcement

Shifting the way athletes identify & honour their mental health

The sporting world does a fantastic job of developing young athlete’s physical ability to perform by offering and encouraging many different off-ice options. As athletes become more physically equipped to play their game, their ability to cope with the added pressures and expectations that exist within the game is often under developed.

Global Sport Academy is serving as trailblazers in this importance piece of athlete development. Global has made athlete mental wellness and mental health of utmost priority this school year by offering each grade three sessions with MindfulAthletics.

MindfulAthletics is a team of masters level Certified Canadian Psychotherapists engaging young athletes in conversation around the importance of developing mental health.

A few things for parents to keep in mind. Your children will be participating in a conversation related to mental health that they have likely not engaged in before. We would encourage you to keep this conversation going!

  • It is important to recognize that they may seem a little quiet after a session with MindfulAthletics. This is completely natural for youth (and many adults) who are thinking about things they have not previously considered.
  • Asking questions about the discussion can allow them to continue to process the information and also encourages the elusive conversation with teens!
    • Some conversation starters:
      • What they learned?
      • What they thought about the process?
      • What they took away from their time with Mindful?
  • Be prepared that things may come up for them. If so, and they would like additional support, please connect with us. Contact Jessica Renney @ 403-862-3933 and Paula McQuaid @ 403-703-9846. We would be happy to meet with your child for an individual session(s)
  • Please note: Individual sessions are often covered by extended health plans and always covered by HSA. Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to book a session.