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Global Partners with Matrix

Global & STIX Families:

Global Sport Academy Group and Matrix are excited to announce a partnership agreement which will allow Global Sport Academy and STIX athletes to access Matrix’s Acute Sports Injury Clinic and it's entire medical team in a timely and efficient fashion. Best of all, there is NO additional cost to you.

Our athletes will receive a Global/STIX Matrix Medical Card which will remain active as long as the athlete remains active in a Global or STIX program. This card, along with valid Alberta Health Care insurance, will be all that is needed to access this service. As a means of ensuring the best possible continuity of care, Matrix encourages patients to involve their primary care provider/family physician, by requesting a formal referral to Matrix. This way, a detailed consultation report can be sent back to the primary care giver to ensure they are kept in the loop regarding diagnosis, investigations and treatment plans.

Matrix was founded in 2014 as a full service sports medicine clinic offering rapid assessment, diagnosis, treatment planning and rehabilitation of sports injuries and bone and joint problems. The clinic is located in the Foothills Professional Building in Northwest Calgary and is comprised of adult and pediatric sport medicine physician specialists, orthopedic surgeons, physiotherapists, and bracing specialists. Matrix offers patients a wide range of services designed to address all types of sport and non-sport musculoskeletal injuries/complaints as well as medical issues pertaining to sport/physical activity among both athletes and non-athletes.

Services include, but are not limited to: diagnostic evaluations, treatment planning and coordination, rehabilitation services/physiotherapy, injection services (cortisone, viscosupplement, platelet-rich plasma (PRP), prolotherapy) and on-site medical imaging (X-ray, Ultrasound) provided by EFW Radiology.

We are delighted to work with Matrix Leadership Group which includes:

  • Dr. Jim Thorne
  • Dr. Ian Auld
  • Dr. E. David Manning
  • Dr. Alex H.C. Wong

In the past 2 years, Matrix has established a robust, industry leading sports medicine practice with an impressive roster of physicians calling Matrix home. Matrix physicians currently provide medical services for every major professional sports team in the city. They are the team doctors for the Calgary Flames, the Calgary Stampeders, and the Calgary Roughnecks, as well as for Hockey Canada’s Men’s and Women’s National Teams, Sledge teams and development programs. Matrix physicians also act as team doctors for the Calgary Hitmen, the University of Calgary Dinos Men’s Hockey Team, Mount Royal University Cougars Men’s Hockey Team. They provide consultation services for the SAIT Trojan’s Men’s and Women’s athletics. Matrix physicians also care for elite athletes and Olympians from a variety of other sports.

In the upcoming weeks you will receive an opt out option if you do not want to have your athlete's name, address and phone number forwarded to Matrix. At this time you will also receive instructions on how to access the Institute. Matrix will also have a presence on the Global Website and more detailed information will be provided on those pages shortly.

Thank you and we are looking forward to a long term relationship with this like-minded group of passionate doctors and medical professionals.


Global Sport Academy Group Team
Matrix Team