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Why Sports

By Coach Lorie Pulliam, Inner Mind

There maybe a reason you play sports. Yet when you ask a number of people they have different responses. Coach Lorie asked 516 student/athletes, last sports season, questions related to concepts in: confidence, preparation and discipline. A number of coaches and teachers helped boil down the top seven mental areas and here are the primary definitions from our discussions:

Defined as: “Knowing I can do something and do it to my personal best.”

Defined as: “ I have a plan that I can follow and that I created. “

Defined as: “ I get to be myself”.

Defined as: “ I am going to do what I said I was going to do.”

Defined as: “ I want to do what it takes to get ready (game/practise) in a productive way”.

Defined as: “ I know, that I know... I get it, right.”

Defined as: “Day after day, everyday”.

I think this group of student athletes are brilliant. They also explained that the friendships they were making were at times way more important than actually playing! What are the elements of sports that really make a positive impact should not shock you. These comments below are just some of the reasons student/athletes love being in sports. 267 responses from hockey and soccer players (female and male, Ages 14-19). Inner Mind (Data 2016)

  • “I want to belong to something good.”
  • “My team has become my “family” and they like me.”
  • “I am improving everyday because my coaches take the time to help me learn and ask my opinion.”
  • “I get to have a blast. I am with my buddies and I believe we are a great team”
  • “ I am playing this sport because I am actually good at it. I sucked at a lot of other things but I can do this”. (*this was soccer).
  • “I play to get out of the chaos the rest of my life is in. I am not sure what I would do otherwise.”
  • “My parents say that I should play to stay out of trouble, but really I play because I love learning and improving”.
  • “ I play because it is the only way I can get close to my passions”

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Remember you are a MIRACLE, there is no one like you. Global Sports Staff want to help you succeed. We love sports too!