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FAQ - Royals Academy (Individual Program at CMHS)


Q: What is the CRAA Individual Academy?

A: The Individual Academy is a program designed specifically for the Calgary Royals Athletic Association (CRAA). Many CRAA student athletes choose the program to achieve credits and further their passion to excel both on and off the ice. The program is for students in grades 10,11 and 12 and is moving into its second full year at Central Memorial High School. The program works seamlessly with the CRAA Team programs and occurs fully within the school day timetable. The academy model was achieved as a result of the innovative approach of Central Memorial High School, Calgary Board of Education and Global Sport Academy.

Q: Do I have to attend Central Memorial High School?

A: Yes.

Q: What does my student athlete receive in the program?

A: The program includes, and is not limited to: Global lead practices, off-ice training and off-ice skill integration sessions lead by PEAK Power Development, multi-sport, academic support and tutoring, coaching and leadership, mental health expertise (Mindful Athletics), mental performance training (Inner Mind), guest speakers, G23 medical access, “Royals Club”, routes choices and scholarships education and portfolio building, networking to the next levels inside and outside of the game.

Q: How do the Global coaches work with the teachers and liaisons at Central Memorial?

A: It is a true team effort with the collaboration of the guidance department, a tagged teacher liaison from Central Memorial High School, school leadership and our array of Global Sport Academy coaches and though leaders. Players each day are engaged by many members of our collective team whom all have a goal to support the student athlete as best we can.

Q: Is the Global program the same in every school division and in every location?

A: No it is not. The program is customized and adapted for each of the school divisions and locations across the province.

Q: Do I pay the Calgary Royals for the program?

A: No, your fees are paid directly to Global Sport Academy by registering on the Global Sport Academy Website.