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FAQ - Royals


Q: What exactly is the Royals Academy?

A: The Royals Academy is a program designed specifically for the Calgary Royals Athletic Association (CRAA) with the goal of enhancing player growth and development, coach development and parent education. The program has two pathways. 1. The team program which includes: Midget AAA as well as Midget AA Gold and Midget AA Blue. 2. The individual program which is a grade 11-12 program based out of Central Memorial High School and St Mary’s High School for those Royals players who want to achieve additional training, development and academic credits within the daily academic timetable. If players are in the individual program they still do participate on the Royals Teams.

Q: Do I have to attend Central Memorial or St. Mary’s High School?

A: No, you can attend a school of your choice. We have designed the team program so that all aspects occur outside of the traditional timetable.

Q: What does the team program cost?

A: All pricing is set by the CRAA and found on their website:

Q: What do Royals players receive in the program?

A: The program includes, and is not limited to: Royals and Global lead practices, off-ice training and off-ice skill integration sessions lead by PEAK Power Development, multi-sport, academic support, coaching and leadership, mental health expertise (Mindful Athletics), mental performance training (Inner Mind), guest speakers, G23 medical access, “Royals Club” incubator, parent education and development, team mentorship, networking and next step progressional plan for players.

Q: Is transportation covered?

A: CRAA players are responsible for their own transportation to ice sessions, off-ice sessions and team events. Global does assist in facilitating car pooling.

Q: Does Global pick the teams?

A: No Global has no input into player evaluation and team selection. Teams are picked by CRAA coaching staffs.

Q: Are there other association players attempting to register and participate in the program from other quadrants?

A: Yes there are. Unfortunately, unless released from another association, or travelling under the Elite Council Traveler Policy, CRAA cannot entertain out of quadrant players.

Q: Does Global work with other associations and school divisions?

A: Yes. Global operates programs in a multiple school divisions and with multiple associations. Each program is unique and specifically designed based on the individual association needs.