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FAQ - Global Sport Academies


Q: If I am injured, am I still part of the program?

A: Absolutely. The focus will shift to accommodate and work with your injury and recovery.

Q: Can I take one Semester and not the other?

A: No. You must ensure you plan your timetable and academic plan with the counsellors to allocate the designate period for Global. Global is designed as a full year program. 

Q: Where do I find all of the registration information as I have questions?

A: Click on the Button within FAQ called, “Program Registration Policy & Refunds”.

Q: Can I do French Immersion and Global?

A: You will need to meet with a counsellor at the school to determine if that is a viable option. 

Q: Are all Global schools and programs identical?

A: Programs are not identical due to things like facilities and other variables. We do the best we can though to create parallel programs that are very close.

Q: Can students be in Global and on the school teams?

A: Absolutely, and in fact we strongly encourage them to do so.

Q: How elite does my child have to be in order to be eligible to participate in Global?

A: Elite is a mis-leading concept. The most important ingredients we look for in young student athletes is passion, character and determination. Our team looks at every student on an individual basis to assess if they have foundation to be successful in the program on all levels (sport, academics, leadership). Most of our students do excel and play in the upper echelons of their sport.

Q: Does Global happen during the school day?

A: Yes it does. The exception is within Golf whereby students are picked up at the golf course on certain days.

Q: Is transportation provided to and from schools?

A: No. We only transport students during the day from facilities to the schools when necessary. This transportation is fully insured.

Q: What if my student wants to switch sports from one year to the next?

A: That is feasible as people’s journey in sport and life change. A meeting would be required with Global leadership to see if this is a feasible option for you and for Global.

Q: What if my student wants to switch sports mid-year?

A: This is not feasible as the program is designed within an annual timetable and vision.

Q: Does my student need to be at the honours level to be accepted into Global?

A: No. We are looking for students who are achieving personal bests in the classroom. If you have comments that reflect disruptive in class, work not completed, distracted easily then it will be very difficult to be accepted into the program.

Q: I heard Global is jammed and that most programs are full?

A: Yes, many of the programs will be full with wait lists. As a result, it is important you take time on your application to ensure you have the best opportunity to be accepted.

Q: Does Global take away from other core academic competencies?

A: No it does not. Good planning in conjunction with the guidance departments ensure a constructive academic plan is created that will meet the needs of the student in their academic pursuits. There are exceptions and if this poses a challenge the counsellors and families work towards a solution.

Q: Can I play in another school academy program and participate in Global?

A: No, this is not feasible and you must pick one option only.