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FAQ - Program Registration Policy & Refunds


Q: What is your refund policy?

A: 1) If you are not accepted into a Global or STIX program a full refund is issued immediately. 2) If you are accepted into a program and pay your deposit no refund will be issued and you will be expected to pay the full tuitional amount for the identified program. Hence, ensure you are fully committed to attend the program. If you are withdrawing because of being cut from your sport association a refund is not issued. 3) Specific refund policies pertaining to STIX will be indicated in the STIX FAQ Section.

Q: Am I automatically in the program every year?

A: No. You do have to re-apply to the program every year whether it be Global or STIX. As well, if you’re an out of area student (in Global), you will also require continued approval from the school.

Q: Can I register on-line and how do I pay for fees/apparel etc?

A: You can register for all Global Programming on Line via Credit Card.

Q: Are payment plans available for programs?

A: We have already broken down fees into payment schedules, but if the payment schedule does not work with you then feel free to contact Admissions, who will be happy to advise you.

Q: Who do I contact if I have questions about registration?

A: Contact Admissions. The contact information for Admissions is found on the Contacts Page.

Q: When do I have to register by?

A: The registration deadline for the Springbank Sports Academy is March 1st annually. The FSD Sport Academies have an application deadline of March 31st annually.

Q: How long is the waiting period after the player/coach meeting before I find out if I am accepted or not?

A: Our acceptance of student athletes coincides with the schools timelines and procedures. Each school is slightly different but we strive for an April firm commitment.

Q: Do I have to be accepted by both Global and the school I have applied to?

A: Yes, both Global Sport Academy and our partner schools jointly approve. There is no appeal in the application acceptance process.

Q: What is the deposit amount?

A: School program deposits are 25% of the base price.

Q: Are we able to attend the program if we are out of boundary students for your partner school?

A: Yes, provided both the school and Global Sport Academy approve your application. This is also dependant on space available at the school. Additionally, schools and Global Sport Academy currently do not provide bussing for out of area students.

Q: What is the re-registration process?

A: Re-registrations with deposit are processed on March 15th (annually). If your re-registration deposit is not received by March 15th your spot will not be guaranteed for the following year.

Q: What is the Global student removal policy?

A: Global has the full and exclusive right to remove a student from the Global program at anytime during the school year. In this instance, the student will be moved to another option in the designate period block. The school divisions support this policy and a collaborative effort will ensure the successful transition out of Global. Global is a for pay service.