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2021 STIX Female Elite U18 (04-06) Summer Extension Program

STIX Female Elite U18 Summer Extension Program (2004-2006)

STIX Female Elite Programs are designed to continue the growth and development of passionate female players who aspire to move into the AAA stream and beyond into post-secondary hockey. Ice Sessions incorporate competitive games, team competitions and position specific development in a multi-station environment with strong coaching and leadership. 

This program is for 2004-2006 age group.

Location: Central Calgary Facilities

Dates: June 14 to August 8, 2021

Price: $1,650.00 plus GST

What's included:

  • 16 Individual skill development ice times
  • 4 games
  • STIX Collegiate Exposure (Aug 6-8)
  • Off-ice skill development program for the summer
  • Entrance and exit family meetings with the Coach
  • 2 Presentations
  • Goal setting and follow up during the summer leading up to tryouts/evaluations
  • Family advising on the hockey journey which includes phone calls, emails and/or texts on hockey/academic decisions
  • Goalie specific coach



Cost: $1,732.50
Program Start Date: Jun 14, 2021
Program End Date: Aug 8, 2021
Registration Ends Jun 18, 2021 (in -92 days)
Location: Central Calgary Facilities