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More than just sports

Prior to my son even being accepted into the Global Sport Academy program in Airdrie, my son was probably given the most valuable piece of advice that any mentor can teach an impressionable teenager:

“The effort is far more important than the outcome…”Jeff Ovens, Vice President of Business Development, in speaking about my sons upcoming Science Exam.

While interviewing for a spot, Jeff provided my son with the above advice that has stayed with him throughout his first year in the program. It was something that changed my sons attitude towards many things.  This one lesson is a perfect example of the mentorship that is provided while in the Global program.

My son has always struggled with confidence during his years in minor hockey.  Since being in the program my sons’ hockey skills and confidence have vastly improved.  He has been instructed and evaluated in many different skills training and techniques, volunteer activities, extracurricular sports, nutrition as well as many other aspects.  Feedback is provided to the parents and students on all the items mentioned above in addition to suggestions and plans to work on any possible improvement areas.

Although my son is enrolled in the Hockey program with Global, the Global Sport Academy is about so much more than just Hockey, or Sports.  It is also about teaching the students Respect, Accountability, Determination and the “Never Quit” type of attitude.  His efforts in school have greatly improved and it shows in his grades.  I have recommended the Global program to many people who have asked and will continue to do so as I feel that this is something that my son benefits from immensely.