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Leading the Global Shift of High Performance Youth Development

4 Years of Exceptional Results

My son has been involved with the Global Sport Academy programs for the past four years beginning in first year bantam with the STIX Spring program.  The coaches we encountered during this time have been nothing short of phenomenal.  From the head coach to all assistant coaches the mindset is consistent, developing the players for their futures on and off ice.

We were able to join the Global school program in Airdrie this year for second year Midget.  My son has always been in private school and we were looking to transition to a mainstream program in preparation for high level hockey and post-secondary opportunities, that also incorporated high intensity hockey skills.  After much research, including site visits to out of province academies, we chose Airdrie Global Sport Academy based on the philosophy and positive experiences in past years.

I can honestly say our experiences here have far exceeded my expectations.  The support and hands on individual attention my son receives rivals the very expensive private school he came from.  The teachers and coaches care and work with each athlete to get the very most out of their learning styles both on and off the ice.

Working hand in hand with the school division with follow-ups to keep the athletes on track has taken a huge worry from me as I thought I would be chasing this down.  This has been the best year of both hockey and school my son has had in 11 years!!  Thank you Global!