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A Grade 9 Story

A Grade 9 Story

Hi Coach Maloney and Coach Ovens,

I just want to send you and your coaches a note of thanks. Carter seems to be adapting very well to high school and his focus and study habits have improved so much!
Also Carter is just finishing up his evaluations and I have never seen him so confident and at times he has dominated his ice sessions. In his last session he was scrimmaging with the top group, mainly made up of 16/17 yr olds who recently played quadrant.. His team won 2 to 0 and Carter scored both goals. 

On the way home from rink Carter said "Dad its all Global...I'm learning so much". He ripped a snapshot from the faceoff dot over the shoulder of the goalie...Carter said Coach Fukami showed me that shot this week in school.

Carter is gaining confidence and growing into a young man at this key point in his life. So thank you for all you guys do and enabling him to "Dare to Dream".